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We create positive movement for individuals, teams and organizations. Lasting change originates when people work together, side by side, and really understand each other. When people gain insight into the business, have fun together and just start doing it. We work on creating measurable results, and have fun doing this together!

An organization develops and grows when the people within grow. That is why our programs directly focus on the impact on an individual level. The basis for learning is a growth mindset, and moving from buts to guts :). The guts to face the challenge and take real responsibility for choices, behavior and results.

Through curiosity we challenge and break through the status quo and deal with current challenges. This isn’t always easy, but it’s always necessary. We continually do this in trainings, workshops, off-site sessions, and development programs. Wherever people have a healthy drive to grow together. Not through vague sessions, but by working together towards results with energy and pragmatism!

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Crocs and Joost seem to be a perfect match. He has successfully helped us to develop and define our ambitions and goals as well as showing us how to achieve those whilst bringing our internal teams closer together. Every single individual who joined the sessions with Joost was very enthusiastic and inspired. We have been set up to keep the momentum going.

Kerstin Elzakkers, Crocs - EMEA Head of Customer Service

Joost is someone who gives people confidence and challenges them to get the best out of themselves. With his energetic and enthusiastic character, Joost goes for his goal. He combines this with know-how and the absolute will to be successful together. He connects people and is a driver of new leadership. Joost is someone I would like to work closely with in the future!

Eric Jonker, KPN - Manager Service Transition

What stands out about Joost is his enthusiasm and energy. In addition, he is clear in his communication, asks questions and does not let go (if the situation asks for it). He does all this in a very open and pleasant manner. With Joost you are encouraged to think about your motives and the choices you make, without being cornered. I have experienced the processes as very valuable.

Annette Vermij, Jeveka - P&O Manager

Joost has worked with various teams within Boskalis, including my own. He inspires a team with his enthusiasm. He is not afraid of confrontation and gives practical tips so that people can further develop. If you want a people-oriented approach for your team, I highly recommend Joost.

Marinka Verhage, Boskalis - HR director Offshore

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